What I can do for you

Web3 Development
in progress

In February 2021 I stumbled upon Web3, Crypto and Blockchains. I have been spellbound ever since. Developing apps that utilize a world-wide distributed, secure ledger is just mind-blowing 🤯

Where am I headed?

I already learnt the basics of developing Solidity (Ethereum) and Rust (Elrond) smart contracts and integrating them on a reactive, blazing-fast frontend like React or Next.js. I am still learning though and will update this section whenever I feel ready to "go to production".

Get in touch

My inbox is still open to Web3-related requests. I also have connections to Web3-Developers. So why don't you drop me a message?

Web Development

Be it Wordpress or custom React development - I got you covered. Check my portfolio for further reference.

What is the right fit for you?

React (or Next.js) pages are super fast and rely on the latest technology available, but also take more time to develop. Wordpress is more suited for static websites or websites that don't require cutting-edge speed. I can build with both, which one to use on your site also highly depends on your vision and budget.

Get in touch

If you want to build a website but don't have a plan yet, don't worry! Contact me to discuss about your project!

Usability Consulting

I studied Human-Computer-Interaction at the University of Würzburg in Bavaria, Germany. The degree program taught me to recognize, evaluate and strive for the usability of software.

What is usability?

Broadly spoken, usability is the ease-of-use you feel when using a specific software. A good usability is key to a enjoyable user experience (UX).

Get in touch

I can analyze the usability of your product, as well as giving design implications to enhance it. If you're interested in boosting the usability of your product to the next level, contact me today!

My qualification

For further information about my qualification, check my portfolio or download my CV below.